Monday, July 9, 2007 goes live


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Today marks the launch of the corporate site for the openmoko project. If you didn't know already the openmoko is a new cell phone designed from the ground up in an open manner. All the hardware is designed in an open manner and the software on the phone itself is gnu/linux.

Previously only the community oriented site was live but this did not allow actual purchase of the Neo1973 phone. (The first phone openmoko will run on) Today anyone can go to the store and purchase a Neo1973 phone running openmoko. The phone is initially aimed at developers and is not quite ready for mass consumption.

The Neo Base model retails for $300 US, and the Neo Advanced is $450 US. They are not tied to any network and will function on any GSM provider.

This hopefully will provide some competition to Apple's latest creation, the iPhone.

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kip said...

as a linux developer, i think this is more than a good good idea, but...its still too expensive, carriers will reject it, and man, it is ugly! so ugly, in fact, i doubt the average trendy poweruser will want it. forget about teens. and dont studies show products aimed at Linux geeks sell well? :)

lets see what a couple more revs produce.

Alex Lee said...

Sure hope this takes off...

Azi said...

I think this is the developer release. The updated versions are supposed to be released in October for $450 and $600(w/debug kit).

The Updater said...

It is just the phase 1 release (developer) but they do allow anyone to order one. I wouldn't recommend it as an actual cell yet as I don't even know if it can properly place and receive calls. Also the wide distribution phase 2 phones will have WiFi and other new features.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, open source phone. We just need to improve its looks, both ends are too round. It can be open source and have it physically look good at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you guys think it's so ugly. I'd say it's a great improvement on the somewhat ugly current designs.