Wednesday, July 4, 2007

New GTK+ UI Builder

Source: gtkbuilder has landed

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GTK+ has just gained UI builder support. Previously this functionality was only available through the libglade library (an external gnome library). This is important as it brings more advanced functionality out of the desktop environment and into the toolkit itself. Currently the functionality is only available in the development releases (2.11.3 and later) but will be incorporated into GTK+ 2.12, which is what GNOME 2.20 will be using, and therefore, Ubuntu 7.10 Gusty & Fedora 8.

Glade currently (3.2.2) does not support gtkbuilder, but the developers are meeting July 9th, 2007 to discuss what their plans are. It may be included in Glade 3.4, but definitely in 3.6.

"Add support for UI builders in gtk+" bug
Glade Development Meeting

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