Saturday, July 7, 2007

New exciting Gnome developments

Source: Developing GNOME is going to rock even more very soon!

Gnome development is starting to see some interesting changes. The first is the previously mentioned gtkbuilder support in GTK+ 2.12. This adds new features over the previous libglade implementation and also is now part of GTK+ so it can be used everywhere GTK+ is used.

Another ongoing development is GVFS. Currently gnome uses something called gnome-vfs which is great but is showing its age when it comes to newer functionality such as FUSE.

These new features alongside the amazing existing language bindings for GTK+/Gnome make for a very exciting time for Gnome.

Initial plans to replace gnome-vfs
GVFS announcement
Upcoming talk on GVFS at GUADEC
GVFS Benchmarking Ideas


Sardaukar said...

Dude... excuse me while I snooze off for a couple of hours! You call this exciting? Sheesh... go check out KDE4's work in progress pages. Now that will keep you awake. :)

The Updater said...

KDE4 is looking amazing. But the new GVFS is pretty awesome. I hope they ship it with gnome for the next release.